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While more and more people are interested in launching creative careers or businesses, the hard truth is that most of them fail within the first year. Let’s start talking about what it would mean to actually have a career as a creative! Let’s leave the outdated language of “creative entrepreneurship” behind us.

Tornow and Bing is the place to learn how emerging creatives are developing successful careers today and how you can be one of them. And guess what? One of the keys is being multipassionate!

What is “a Creative?”

It is not an easy term to define. It might be too simple to say that creatives are anyone seeking to create or engage in their creativity. Typically, the term refers to people who work in the arts, entertainment, or technology industry.  (Although, that definition also begs us to define those industries.) Overall, it is up to you to define yourself as “a creative” or not!

What is a Multipassionate Creative?

Although most creatives are towards the multipassionate end of the spectrum, the difference between fixed creatives and multipassionate creatives is diversified project endeavors. Multipassionate creatives pursue involvement in a range of projects—both within their field and through other creative channels–over one business or job position.

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